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Personal Banking

You can make informed financial decisions with a full understanding of basic banking services.

At People’s we get a lot of questions from members looking for financial guidance. We’ve compiled the most common questions about personal banking for your reference.

If you need help navigating your financial decisions, click the button below to speak to our member services representatives.

Personal Banking Basics

You have a lot of options when it comes to managing your money, it can be tricky to weigh all of your financial decisions.

Personal banking isn’t always simple. In fact, it can be frustrating trying to plan your financial future without all the facts. Luckily, our Member Services team is made up of financial experts dedicated to making your personal banking experience as smooth as possible. We’ve compiled a list of the most common questions we get about banking.

Whether you’re opening an account for the first time or in need of assistance with your existing debts, People’s has you covered.

Browse our FAQs below to get answers to our most commonly asked questions!

Personal Finances

The primary difference between credit unions and banks is ownership. Banks are for-profit companies with a primary obligation to their shareholders. They make money by charging interest on loans and collecting account fees. Credit unions, on the other hand, are not-for-profit institutions owned and controlled by their members, which are account holders.

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Debt consolidation is a method of combining multiple loans or debts into one loan, typically with a lower payment, lower interest rate, or longer payoff terms.

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Your pending balance may not always match the available balance in your bank account, because it takes into account any transactions that may not have fully cleared.

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Financial Calculators

Our financial experts have compiled tools to help you calculate all the details of your loan, debt consolidation, or credit card interest.

Apply for a Personal Loan

If you need extra cash – for whatever reason – our personal loans can offer funds you need at rates you can afford

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At People’s, All Members Get the Same Rate

People’s provides members with access to affordable credit through low-rate loans. What sets our credit union apart is that all members pay the same rate, no matter their credit score or amount in their account. We are here to help you with your financial needs.

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